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The Saga Continues, Bryan

All is good when it ends well. Biden is the president, COVID vaccine on way, but… The Saga Continues, Bryan! This track, completed on August 26, 2020, is dedicated to Bryan Waterman on the occasion of his 50th birthday. Part of EP “Far Out” the soundtrack of “Uma coisa longínqua,” a play-movie by Teatro de Ferro. Retro-fitting the future is a mission now! #thefutureisretro

Also on bandcamp.

Spotlight of work at Labocine

My recent work with dance  and video featuring some of my favorite collaborators (Nella Turkki, Kirk Woolford, Saguenail, João Menezes, Cristina Ioan, and Laetitia Morais) is presented at Labocine, an online publication from Imagine Science Films. Check it out!


Photo credit: Kirk Woolford


La brume et la plume du poète qui inquiète finally out!

The score of “La brume et la plume du poète qui inquiète” for string orchestra (and film) is finally out on Scherzo Editions! You can check it here. You can also listen to the piece in here. Enjoy!