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1985 at Berklee

On March 3, 1985 for soprano sax, snare drum, electric guitar, electronics and an indeterminate number of smartphones will be performed at Berklee’s Interdisciplinary Arts Institute in “Concert for 100 Mobiles” featuring a.bel, an application  for smartphones enabling musical interaction developed by Rui Penha, Gilberto Bernardes, Alexandre Clément and others at INESC TEC’s SMC group .

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Video of world premiere of “1985” at A.BEL Concert in Casa da Música

Video of world premiere of “1985” at concert “A.BEL Nova Música Interactiva” at Casa da Música on October 26, 2015, by Gilberto Bernardes (soprano sax), André Dias (snare drum), and Óscar Rodrigues (electric guitar)




World premiere of 1985, for Soprano Sax, Snare Drum, Guitar, Electronics and an indeterminate number of smartphones, together with new pieces by Rui Penha (Cellular), José Alberto Gomes (To Pluto) and Neil Leonard (Telkari).

This concert is in collaboration with INESC TEC, who developed a.bel, an smartphone app that enables audience interaction with the music in real time. For more information click here (in Portuguese).

Cool Project

Phonambient is a project of transformation of contemporary sound heritage that will be showcased at Casa da Música 10-14 February, 2014. Creative approaches to sounds from several cities including Porto and Abu Dhabi, including the world premiere of my “Canon a 4 con uccelli obbligati” for 5.1. surround diffusion, made with sounds from Sir Bani Yas Island wildlife reserve captured in Ambisonic format.

The teaser:

The website:


FINAL m4m event!



Musical Diversity in Concert






This was a great experience, and a great celebration of multiculturality and style diversity!


Check the program here


Happy Miso 25! in Birmingham tonight!

Happy Miso 25! will be played tonight at the University of Birmingham at the concert “Lusophonetics” curated by Ângela da Ponte. Stop by if you can!Folha de programa 1

La brume, et la plume du poète qu’inquiète

A piece for string orchestra.World premiere at ESMAE Festival by Camerata NovNorte, conducted by Radu Ungureanu. 
esmae2013programaYou can listen the recording (not of tonight’s performance) here


Concerto X

Concerto X premieres tonight! A collaborative composition by Filipe Lopes, Gustavo Costa, José Alberto Gomes, Pedro Rebelo, Rui Penha, Rui Dias and myself, for large ensemble, ensemble of improvisers, live electronics and robotic gamelan, with Carlos Zingaro (Violin) and Nuno Aroso (Percussion) as special guests, and computer graphics by Kirk Woolford. The ensemble is part of Guimarães’s Fundação Orquestra Estúdio and will be conducted by Jean-Marc Burfin. Concerto X is a commission from Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture.


“O Acidente” shows again!

September 14 and 15 at Casa da Música during FIMP. Check some of the music here