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The Saga Continues, Bryan

All is good when it ends well. Biden is the president, COVID vaccine on way, but… The Saga Continues, Bryan! This track, completed on August 26, 2020, is dedicated to Bryan Waterman on the occasion of his 50th birthday. Part of EP “Far Out” the soundtrack of “Uma coisa longínqua,” a play-movie by Teatro de Ferro. Retro-fitting the future is a mission now! #thefutureisretro

Also on bandcamp.

La brume, et la plume du poète qui inquiète

Another part of me. “La brume, et la plume du poète qui inquiète” for string orchestra is finally available on Bandcamp, and on iTunes and other streaming platforms. This piece is part of the soundtrack for “La revoyure,” a film by Saguenail, and the most listened track on my soundcloud page. Enjoy! Score available in two formats at Scherzo Editions, in normal and pocket sizes

La brume, et la plume du poète qui inquiète for String Orchestra (Full Score) | Carlos Guedesète-qui-inquiète-feat-radu/1538652948

The Infected City

The Infected City is the second single of the EP “Far Out”. The future is retro. Enjoy!

In Search of a New Hope

Just released “In Search of a New Hope” in most streaming platforms. Thisithe first song from EP “Far Out”, the music from “Uma Coisa Longínqua” a play-movie by Teatro de Ferro. Stay tuned for more releases soon. In the mean time, enjoy my first installment of an incurring into retro-futuristic music.

Disposifónicos is out on Bandcamp!

Disposifónicos, an amazing box set from Sonoscopia containing several years of their amazing work is out on Bandcamp. You can also hear my contribution to Phobos with piece Phobia robotica


New video added to youtube channel

New Youtube channel

Started a Youtube channel with videos that were made to some of my music by Laetitia Morais. This channel will feature audiovisual work as well as recordings of live performances. Enjoy!

Premiere of “Lições de voo”

Tomorrow! Opening night for “Lições de voo” (“Flight Lessons”) at Teatro Constantino Nery in Matosinhos with Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, directed by Isabel Barros with fabulous actors Vitor Gomes and Micaela Soares. Costume design by Cláudia Ribeiro and lighting design and operation by the unstoppable Filipe Azevedo. Music soon to be available on your favorite streaming platforms.


Residency with Igor Gandra at NYUAD

Currently doing a residency with Igor Gandra at NYUAD’s Innovation Studio to develop a new piece. Stay tuned for the developments!!


Music for Visuals, Visuals for Music

On April 1 I will open the Manifold festival with a concert featuring Laetitia Morais (live video), Cristina Ioan (flute), Emil Sein (saxophones), and Mahsin Basalama (qanun). The concert will feature the world premiere of “Three insomnias — Music for a dark room.”

The electronic part of “Three Insomnias” was composed in 2001 by Carlos Guedes for ballet “Quarto Escuro,” a choreography by Isabel Barros for the Balleteatro, and a commission from Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture. The traumatic event of 9/11 happened during the rehearsals for this show, and this was a major shifting point for the music. The stark reality reminding us all of our impotence in avoiding this type of violence, brought all of a sudden a new meaning, and almost new function to the music being composed — it should be able to transport people to dreamy states and beautiful spaces in order to liberate them from the horrible reality being lived at the time. The audiovisual reincarnation of this music in Three Insomnias with the videos by Laetitia Morais and the live music counterpart intends to make the audience embark on a collective dream that transports them audiovisually and emotionally to new and beautiful places.