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Cool new website!

Check out the Sounds of Sir Bani Yas Island website! This is an ongoing project for recording geo-located sounds on Sir Bani Yas Island, the largest wild animal reserve in the Gulf, founded by HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This is a work-in progress with the collaboration of Cristobal Martinez, Evgeny Zverev, Imen Haddad, João Menezes, Laura Waltje, Leonid Kuzmenko, Lucas Olscamp, Max Bork, and Yu-Chie (Andrea) Chung (sound recording), Laura Waltje and Leonid Kuzmenko (sound editors), with website design by Mac Davel Kalumbi.

GimmeDaBlues @SIGGRAPH Asia!

GimmeDaBlues will be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia on December 1.

Click here for more info

GimmeDaBlues @ Music Tech Fest

GimmeDaBlues will be introduced by Matthew Davies, at the SMC Group presentation in upcoming Music Tech Fest in London, May 17-19.

Geek stuff finally inaugurated!

You can now check the Kinetic website to download some of the software developed by the team as well as take a look at some code carefully compiled by George Sioros.

Automatic Blues generation app to be out soon

Gimme da Blues

It’s for the iPad…

and for the iPhone/iPod

Soon to be available in the App Store. Developed by Rui Dias, Carlos Guedes, Georgios Sioros, Gilberto Bernardes and Telmo Marques. GUI designed by Clara Morão. iOS programming by Amaury Hazan.